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  • Key: Bb

  • Material: Brass Body, 85 Copper neck.

  • Skytone Master Tube Design

  • Skytone Precise Assemble Technology

  • Finish: Unlacquered

  • Auxiliary keys: Front F, High F Sharp

  • Key Touches: Genuine Mother of Pearl 

  • Spring Type: Blue Steel Springs

  • Pad Type: Professional Grade Italian Pisoni Pads

  • Fortified Key Braces

  • Top Soundproof and Shockproof Materials

  • Thumb Hook: Metal

  • Resonators: Metal

  • Engraving: Hand Engraved Neck, Body, Bell and Bow

  • Includes: Deluxe Shockproof Case, Strap, Mouthpiece, Grease, Care Wiper, Skytone Recognizance


905 is assembled and adjusted by one of Skytone's top masters. The precision assembly technology we have can enhance the performance of the instrument to the extreme.  It needs to take a lot of time which is equivalent to three times of other models, so it only can be limited production.

[ The design of the keys ]

  1. The sensitivity of the keys are extremely quick
  2. Excellent ergonomic feel
  3. The key strength is very light and smooth
  4. Comfortable angle design

[ The tone of the sound ]

  1. The sound response is extremely fast, you can perform the details and emotion of the music easily. 
  2. More rich and warm sound
  3. The tone and resonance are very stable and balanced.
  4. The resistance is low, but in the fierce performance, it still shows stable support and maintains the balance of sound.

[ The mechanical ]

  1. With no leaking perfectly.
  2. The parts are very good in the linkage, quiet and coherent.
  3. Using special cutting-edge materials on the interface between each part, the mechanical stability and coordination are more excellent, and the service life of the instrument is longer.

T-905NL Limited


The shop here is mainly for preorder. You can directly buy the instruments you want here, the producing time is about 2 months. We will make delivery immediately once the order is finished.

You can also inquire about the situation of the inventory in advance by filling the questionary below.  After you finish the payment we will arrange the delivery in 3 days if it is in stock.

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