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  Our Story  

Belgium was the cradle of saxophone. However, most of the production bases are located in Asia nowadays. As you know, Saxophone greatly focuses on manual technology. There is a team comes from Taiwan, they established a brand called Skytone. They spent only two years getting ahead in this competitive industry and successfully promoted the brand in Taiwan. Moreover, They give saxophone a new definition, ”the instrument is no longer a simple instrument, but soulful art.”  


Mr. Lee Kou Chung, the founder of Skytone, has been engaged in saxophone manufacturing industry for more than 30 years. He has participated in thousands of production and has accumulated rich experience. He has cooperated with international companies in the past 30 years to assist in the design, development, manufacture, and test of musical instruments. He witnessed the growth of Taiwan’s saxophone industry. However, in recent years, facing the threats of the industry from neighboring countries, Taiwan lacks a brand with strong technical strength. Therefore, in 2015, Mr. Lee decided to create a professional saxophone brand with his 30-year manufacturing experience. After two years of planning, Chang Zhu Co., Ltd is officially established in August 2017 to develop and manufacture Skytone professional saxophone. Thanks to international networks and exquisite craftsmanship, Skytone has become famous in the international top market.

We believe that the sound is the heart of a saxophone, and the keys are like its blood vessels. The performance of a saxophone can be enhanced by a fine assembly, like the heart and blood vessels in fine coordination, resulting in a beautiful pulsation. Therefore, Skytone focuses on the intrinsic quality of the instruments, devoting every effort into giving them a wonderful vitality.


We are looking forward to the future that Skytone would become the international leading brand of Asian’s woodwind instruments.

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