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Skytone T-703GL

US$ 1,440



Skytone's basic model 70s, with a solid mechanical structure and outstanding performance, is designed to provide stable handling and accurate pitch and tone. That makes it easier to control and play, and its price is also very affordable. People who want to learn saxophone can easily have high-quality Skytone instruments.


  • Key: Bb

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish: Gold Lacquer

  • Auxiliary keys: front F, High F Sharp

  • Key Touches: White Pearl

  • Spring Type: Blue Steel Springs

  • Pad Type: High-Grade Pads

  • Thumb Hook: Metal

  • Resonators: Metal

  • Includes: Skytone Sax Case, Strap, Mouthpiece, Grease, Skytone Recognizance

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