• Key: Eb

  • Material: Brass Body/ 85 Copper Neck

  • Finish: Bronze

  • Auxiliary keys: front F, High F Sharp

  • Key Touches: Genuine White Mother of Pearl

  • Spring Type: Blue Steel Springs

  • Top Soundproof and Shockproof Materials

  • Pad Type: Professional Grade Italian Pisoni Pads

  • Thumb Hook: Metal

  • Resonators: Metal

  • Engraving: Bell 

  • Includes: Deluxe Shockproof Case, Strap, Grease, Skytone Recognizance

  • Gifts: Skytone Mouthpiece, Skytone Reed


This year is the 5th anniversary of the Skytone brand. It is a monumental year. In order to give back to our loyal customers, Skytone has specially designed a limited model at an affordable price. In addition to the precision assembly technology that Skytone is proud of, we also add the unique finish and the new tube-body design making the sound resonance up to a superior level. With a smooth mechanical and sensitive keys, saxophone musicians can easily perform the most charming sound!  On the surface design, we used nature factors as engraving pattern on the bell, kingfisher is famous for its beautiful singing, and bamboo is the symbol of Skytone Changzhu Company. In the meantime, we choose the bronze coating to make the finish which fully shows a retro image. Skytone Kingfisher alto saxophone is absolutely an art worth collecting!

Skytone Kingfisher Alto Sax


This model is only for preorder, and the yield is limited by 50 pieces.

Please order it as soon as possible.

Buy one get two Skytone new products

  1. One Skytone mouthpiece
  2. One box of Skytone reed

The estimated production time: 60 days.

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